Revision Surgery in Mexico

Get a second chance at success with revision surgery in Mexico. If your initial weight loss surgery didn’t deliver the results you hoped for, our expert surgeons are here to help. With a focus on safety and effectiveness, we provide tailored solutions that align with your health goals, ensuring you achieve the lasting transformation you deserve.

What Is Revision Surgery Surgery?

Revision Surgery in Mexico offers a crucial second opportunity for individuals who have undergone previous bariatric surgery but have not seen significant weight loss or have encountered complications. This type of surgery is typically performed using laparoscopic techniques, which involve smaller incisions, less pain, and quicker recovery times. However, for those with extensive scarring from previous surgeries, open surgery may be necessary.

As the number of bariatric surgeries increases globally, so does the need for high-quality revision procedures. Our specialized approach ensures that each patient receives a tailored surgery plan, addressing specific issues from earlier surgeries and aligning with current health goals.

Explore your options for Revision Surgery and learn more about how we can help you achieve your weight management goals by visiting our FAQ section. For details on pricing and to connect with our network of expert surgeons, please view the options available below.

Ready to take the next step towards a successful weight loss journey? Complete our eligibility questionnaire today and join thousands of others who have achieved their weight loss goals through our expert care.

Gastric Revision Surgery Benefits

  • Expert Surgeons: Mexico is home to some of the world’s most skilled and experienced bariatric surgeons, many of whom specialize in revision surgery.

  • Cost-Effective: Gastric revision surgery in Mexico is significantly more affordable compared to the United States and Canada, without compromising on quality.

  • Advanced Medical Facilities: Hospitals in Mexico are equipped with the latest technology and follow international standards, ensuring high-quality medical care.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Surgeons in Mexico are known for their personalized approach, tailoring surgical plans to meet the specific needs and goals of each patient.

  • Reduced Waiting Times: Patients can often schedule surgeries more quickly than in their home countries, reducing wait times and allowing faster access to necessary procedures.

  • Comprehensive Care: Many Mexican medical centers offer comprehensive packages that include pre-operative assessments, surgery, and follow-up care, all coordinated seamlessly.

  • Tourist-Friendly Environment: Patients can recover in some of Mexico’s top tourist-safe cities, combining quality medical care with a pleasant recovery environment.

  • Opportunity for Corrective Surgery: Gastric revision surgery provides an opportunity to correct or enhance the results of previous weight loss surgeries, increasing the chances of long-term success.

  • Improved Health Outcomes: Revision surgery can help resolve complications from a previous surgery and improve obesity-related health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

  • Renewed Motivation and Support: Undergoing revision surgery in a supportive environment can renew a patient’s motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve their weight loss goals.

FAQs of The Revision Surgery Mexico surgery

Q: How much weight loss can I expect after converting my failed gastric sleeve to a mini gastric bypass? A: The amount of weight loss after converting a gastric sleeve to a mini gastric bypass can vary, but many patients experience significant improvement. On average, patients may lose up to 75-80% of their excess weight within the first year post-surgery. This procedure not only reduces stomach size but also alters digestion and absorption, enhancing weight loss outcomes.

Q: Is it necessary for the surgeon to specialize in revision surgery for this procedure? A: Yes, it is crucial that the surgeon performing the revision surgery has specialized training and experience in bariatric revision procedures. Revision surgeries are generally more complex than initial bariatric surgeries and require a surgeon who understands the unique challenges and techniques involved in correcting or converting a previous surgery.

Q: Are the surgeons at Bariatric Mexico certified and specialized for revision surgery? A: The surgeons at Bariatric Mexico are highly qualified and hold certifications that demonstrate their expertise in bariatric surgery, including revision procedures. They have extensive experience dealing with complex cases and are trained to perform advanced surgical techniques necessary for successful outcomes in revision bariatric surgery. It’s always recommended to review the credentials and success rates of your surgeon prior to proceeding with surgery.

Q: Will I experience the same gas and nausea after the mini gastric bypass as I did with the sleeve? A: Post-operative symptoms such as gas and nausea can occur after any bariatric surgery, including a mini gastric bypass. However, these symptoms may vary in intensity and duration compared to those experienced after the initial gastric sleeve surgery. The mini gastric bypass changes the digestive process differently, which might reduce these symptoms for some patients. Your medical team will provide medications and dietary guidelines to help manage any discomfort during the recovery period.

Q: What are the risks of having a non-specialized revision bariatric surgeon perform the procedure? A: Choosing a surgeon without specialized training in revision bariatric surgery can significantly increase the risk of complications. These complications might include:

  • Poor Outcome: Inadequate weight loss or unresolved health issues.
  • Surgical Complications: Increased risk of leaks, infections, or improper connections within the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Need for Further Revisions: A non-specialized approach may result in the need for additional surgeries to correct or adjust issues not properly addressed.
  • Longer Recovery Time: Improper surgical techniques can lead to prolonged recovery times and more severe postoperative discomfort.

It is crucial to select a surgeon with specific training and experience in bariatric revision surgeries to minimize these risks and ensure the best possible outcome.


Specialized Revision Surgery Hospitals

Our advanced hospitals in Mexico specialize in revision surgery for weight loss procedures, adhering to the highest U.S. standards. Equipped with the latest technology, our facilities ensure precision and safety for all revision surgeries. Designed for optimal surgical efficiency and patient comfort, our hospitals reflect the excellence expected in top U.S. medical centers. With state-of-the-art operating rooms and recovery areas focused on patient care, we provide a world-class healthcare experience aimed at successful revision outcomes. Patients receive expert, personalized care in Mexico’s leading medical facilities, ensuring their journey towards improved health is both effective and supportive.

Mastering Revision Surgery

At Bariatric Mexico, our elite team of specialized, certified bariatric surgeons excels in revision surgery, recognizing the complex nature of these procedures. Bariatric revision surgery requires a highly skilled approach due to challenges like scar tissue and altered anatomy from previous surgeries. Our experts are equipped with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to navigate these complexities safely and effectively.
Our dedication to specializing in revision surgeries highlights our commitment to providing the highest standard of care. Patients choosing Bariatric Mexico for their revision surgery receive expert care tailored to address the unique challenges of their surgical history, ensuring improved outcomes and minimizing risks. Trust your journey to health and wellness with our proven track record of successful, specialized revision procedures.


Discover a new beginning with Gastric Revision Surgery in Mexico. Our expert team converts failed gastric sleeves into successful mini gastric bypass surgeries. Receive personalized care from top specialists in Mexico’s safest tourist cities. Join thousands who have achieved lasting success and enhanced well-being. Embrace a healthier, happier life today with our unparalleled surgical expertise and compassionate care.

What is included in your surgery?

Surgery Duration

30 minutes

Nights in Hospital

2 Nights

Nights in Hotel

1 Pre Operative

Back to Work

1 to 3 weeks


In the United States or Canada, revision surgery for weight loss procedures can be prohibitively expensive. However, in our state-of-the-art hospitals in Mexico, we provide these essential revision surgeries starting at just $5,299 USD. Our all-inclusive package encompasses all aspects of the surgery, with no hidden fees, excluding only airfare and take-home medications, which are an additional $130.

By choosing to undergo revision surgery in Mexico, Americans can achieve significant savings while receiving high-quality care. Below you will find a detailed list of the medical tourism packages available at our weight loss surgery center, tailored specifically for those seeking revisions to prior bariatric surgeries. This includes specialized options for enhancing the outcomes of previous procedures.

Sleeve to Mini Gastric Bypass

SAFE-Tourist-Friendly Surgery Cities
$7,299 USD
Cabo San Lucas
$7,799 USD
$8,499 USD
$8,499 USD
Puerto Vallarta
$7.799 USD


SAFE-Tourist-Friendly Surgery Cities
$5,299 USD
Cabo San Lucas
$5,799 USD
$6,499 USD
$6,499 USD
Puerto Vallarta
$5.799 USD

Gastric Bypass Revision

SAFE-Tourist-Friendly Surgery Cities
$7,699 USD
Cabo San Lucas
$8,299 USD
$8,899 USD
$8,899 USD
Puerto Vallarta
$8.299 USD


The Surgery Cost Includes
Ground Transportation to and from the San Diego Airport (2 PAX)
Hotel Fees (private double room)
Hospital Fees (double or single room)
Medical Fees
Pre and post operative tests
Nutritional consultation pre and post surgery

Concerned about Costs?

Understanding the importance of accessible healthcare, we offer financing options through United Medical Credit. Don’t let cost delay your weight loss goals. Contact our patient coordinator today to explore how we can make your treatment more affordable.


"Well, I’ve been bustin’ my britches working on my weight loss journey since my surgery a month ago, and let me tell y’all, Dr. Verboonen and his team are as good as grits! Sometimes we get our wires crossed with the language, but they treat me better than I ever got treated back home. Dr. Verboonen is like the neighbor who’s always there with a helping hand, cheering me on, never letting me lose heart. Feels like he’s practically family now, watching over my progress. Thinking about shedding some pounds? Don’t just sit on your porch swing—mosey on over to Dr. Sergio Verboonen at his Obesity Good Bye Center in Tijuana. You’ll be saying ‘howdy’ to a brand-new you faster than a hen on a June bug! Give 'em a call and start your own success story. Tell 'em I sent you and get ready for a hearty welcome!"

—Gail Morris, 5-Star Review


"Lord have mercy, where do I even start? Before I met Dr. Jeffry Romero and the fine folks at Bariatric Mexico in Cabo San Lucas, I felt like I was fighting a losing battle with my weight. But honey, let me tell you, that all changed the day I decided to take a leap of faith and head on down to Mexico. Dr. Romero, he's been nothing short of a blessing. Not just a doctor, but a true guardian angel. And his team? Sweet as peach pie, every single one of them. They took such good care of me, made me feel right at home, even though I was miles away from Tennessee. Since my surgery, it's like I've been given a brand new lease on life. I’ve shed the weight that's been holding me down for years, and I’m enjoying things I never thought I could again—like hiking through our beautiful Smoky Mountains with ease, or chasing my grandbabies around the yard without getting winded. So, from the bottom of my heart, I just wanna say thank you to Dr. Romero and everyone at Bariatric Mexico. Y'all changed my life, and I’m forever grateful. If you’re out there wondering if it’s worth it, believe me, it is. Give them a call, and maybe soon you’ll be feeling top-notch, just like me!"!"

—Sandra James, 5-Star Review



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