Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano

Certified Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano has been a General Surgeon for 4 years and 3 of those years as a Bariatric Laparoscopic surgeon in Mexico and he’s the director and chief of Hospital Cabo Clinick
in Cabo San Lucas which is one of the finest hospitals chains in Mexico.

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano, widely recognized as Dr. Jeffry, is a distinguished Certified Bariatric Laparoscopic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience. His deep personal understanding of obesity, having experienced it himself during his medical school years and undergoing weight loss surgery, has endeared him to patients globally. Dr. Jeffry’s commitment to excellence is evident in his near-zero complication rate, a testament to his expertise and meticulous approach.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jeffry has continually honed his skills by participating in international congresses alongside renowned surgeons from the U.S. and Europe. This dedication ensures that he remains at the forefront of surgical techniques, offering his patients both safety and peace of mind.

As one of the first three pioneers of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in Mexico, Dr. Jeffry has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of weight loss surgery in the region. He is revered as a leading authority in the field, particularly in Cabo San Lucas, where he has significantly influenced the practice and outcomes of bariatric procedures.

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano Unbeatable Value

Duo Bariatric Team

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano performs all surgeries with another 5+ years experienced surgeon (3+ combined) at one low competitive package price.

Sealed FDA Products

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano only uses FDA Aprooved sealed Endo Johnson & Johnson brands and not after market products than can lead to complications.

Surgeon of Excellence

Our surgeons are Leading Pioneers in the industry that started the Bariatric Weight loss Surgery program in Mexico.

VSG Reinforcement Technique

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano VSG Technique consists of suturing on top of the staple line for double reinforced protection.

Patient Experiences With bariatric Mexico

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