Cabo San Lucas

Weight Loss Surgery in Cabo San Lucas

Cancun, Mexico is known for its serene beaches & crystal-clear turquoise waters.

About Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, commonly known as “Cabo,” is not only a picturesque resort city at the southern tip of the Baja California Sur state in Mexico but also the professional base of Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano, a certified bariatric surgeon and Chief Director of Hospital Cabo Clinick. Just a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, California, Cabo has long been considered America’s beach playground just south of the border.

Over the past decade, Cabo has emerged as one of the premier destinations for weight loss surgery, drawing patients from around the globe who are eager to transform their lives. The region’s allure is enhanced by its status as a home for Hollywood celebrities and a center for big game fishing, providing an idyllic backdrop for patients undergoing transformative health procedures with Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano.

At our center, we pride ourselves on being the top provider in Cabo, offering an unmatched surgery package that includes care in a state-of-the-art hospital by a team of excellent, renowned certified bariatric surgeons. As one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation, Cabo offers more than just medical procedures.

Why settle for just undergoing surgery when you can enhance your weight loss journey? Transform your visit into an unforgettable experience—just ask our patient Mark Spencer, who lost 80 pounds within five months of his Gastric Sleeve procedure at Hospital Cabo Clinick and described it as “having surgery in the Mexican version of Beverly Hills.”

We offer an unbeatable surgery package with not only one but "TWO" 20+ year surgeons collaboratively perform your Gastric Procedure of choice at Hospital Cabo Clinick in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano

Know Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a beach resort on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, known for its beaches, water activities and nightlife. El Medano Beach is the main beach in Cabo, with open-air restaurants and numerous bars. Beyond the marina is the Land’s End promontory, home to Playa del Amor and El Arco, a natural archway in the sea cliffs.


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Do I need a Passport to travel into CABO?: To flying into Cabo International Airport you do need a valid Passport.

Is Cabo Safe?: Cabo is 100% safe receiving 5.6 million international travelors annually.

What Hotel do I stay in Cabo?: We set all our patients at La Quinta the night before the surgery date and a night before the departure date. We offer an upgrade to the beach front Beachscape Hotel Cancun for $200 more on the surgery package.

Will someone pick me up at the Cabo International Airport?: Yes, we have a dedicated transportation team that will pick you up at the airport and take you to the Hotel and once you are discharged, we will take you back to the airport. Transportation is included in your surgery package.

Will I need to bring money for take home meds?: Yes, you will need to bring $140 cash or credit to purchase the meds before discharge. There is a pharmacy near the hospital where you will purchase them.

Where can my companion(s) eat in Cabo?: There is an array of different types of restaurants in Cabo. Food for companions is at their own expense.

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Jeffry Romero Manzano has been a General Surgeon for 4 years and 3 of those years as a Bariatric Laparoscopic surgeon in Mexico 









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